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We said: “Mank enshrines the myth of a town full of idiots. Reichardt gives us a deliciously laconic vision of the pioneer American melting pot with this playful, poignant fable of a couple of furtive cakebakers in 1820s Oregon. Petzold’s fantastical ode to Berlin concerns an art historian who has a passionate affair with a diver, and appropriates the mythological figure of the undine – a water nymph – to fashion a love story that doubles as a myth about the city. Go on, admit it: You're still humming "Another Day Of Sun", aren't you?Read Empire's review of La La LandBuy the film here, 1994Robert Zemeckis' affable stroll through some of America's most turbulent decades, as seen through the childlike eyes of the simple-but-successful Forrest — the role which earned Tom Hanks his second Oscar in two years. Never florid, rarely contrived, sometimes painful, always true, Hittman’s film is far more than the abortion story it so single-mindedly follows. There's an earthy, primal feel to his fairy-world here, alien and threatening rather than gasp-inducing and 'magical' — thanks in no small part to the truly cheese-dream nightmarish demon-things Del Toro conjures up, sans CGI, with the assistance of performer Doug Jones.Read Empire's review of Pan's LabyrinthBuy the film here, 1958If Psycho (see next entry) was Hitchcock's big shocker, then Vertigo is the one that gets properly under your skin. Check, check, chuck-up. Where the film does chime magnificently is in the performance of Delroy Lindo as Paul, and the suggestion that past failings undermine present-day relationships. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm offers more proof of Baron Cohen’s admirably serious comic evolution, as well as of Borat’s enduring ability to go viral, with several set pieces to bring the house down.” (Leigh Singer), Read our review: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is another dose of superbly executed chaos in America’s heartlands. Deserves. News, reviews and archive features every Friday, and information about our latest magazine once a month. We glimpse an infinite expanse of historical male entitlement in the brief scene in which Stanley co-opts Rose into taking over Shirley’s neglected household chores. The love and pain shown in Bloody Nose is heartbreakingly real; the insights into human experience alive with value. Her time – and that of her creator Rose Glass – is very much now.” (Mike Williams), Read our review: Saint Maud: a heady British horror duet, up close and devoted, + “Sometimes the scariest place to get trapped is inside your own mind”: Rose Glass on Saint Maud, Where to see it: Still playing in selected cinemas across the UK. Bone Tomahawk. As Dick begins to show signs of confusion, her lament is disarming in its straightforwardness: “He won’t be able to follow what I’m saying, so I won’t be able to ask him for any more advice, and the whole time will just be trying to get by.” In the face of this encroaching loss, what is the value of this patricidal tableaux? Bacurau is a small impoverished town in the arid north-eastern hinterlands of Brazil; but it’s also a utopia of sorts, with its tight-knit community who stand firm against exterior threats. You could also make the case that Avengers Assemble is a version, too. La classifica dei 100 migliori film di sempre secondo Movieplayer.it. Shot in black-and-white 35mm, The Forty-Year-Old Version paints a loving portrait of parts of New York City that aren’t represented with such care, if at all, in narrative films of this scale. The hero’s lonely nocturnal scooter rides make a mesmerising visual thread, and his quest for the ideal in a commercial world makes the film as much a statement about cinema as about music.” (Jonathan Romney, S&S online), Read our review: The Disciple: Chaitanya Tamhane considers the limits of musical control. David Byrne’s Broadway show is captured in dynamic, exhilarating fashion in Spike Lee’s concert film. Check. Graceful, gorgeous, unwearied by time's passing. Unless you're the kind of Dad who thinks obsessively typing the same sentence over and over then chasing after your wife and kid with an axe constitutes good parenting…Read Empire's review of The ShiningBuy the film here, 2014It's official, then. Petzold’s ambiguously hopeful film is a declaration of love.” (Giovanni Marchini Camia, S&S online), Read our review: Undine is Christian Petzold’s slippery love song to Berlin, Where to see it: Not yet available in the UK. What we don’t do is become inured to the idea of his death; conversely, we attach to his living image more, a process that Johnson acknowledges and encourages by keeping us guessing until the final hour about Dick’s actual condition.” (Hannah McGill), Read our review: Dick Johnson Is Dead: resurrections beat the blues. The film has a feel for life on the lowest rung of the middle class.” (Nick Pinkerton, S&S, February), Read our review: Richard Jewell explores how an unlikely hero loses his religion, Where to see it: On digital platforms, Blu-ray and DVD. Where to see it: On BFI Player, Curzon Home Cinema and other digital platforms. We said: “Seeing the women crack skulls and femurs along with the lads has been the main through-line for the female characters of superhero franchises. We said: “First Cow has the down-at-heel period authenticity of, say, Robert Altman’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller married to the poignancy of Sam Peckinpah’s westerns, and it’s couched in an always playful anti-macho mood of laconic going-with-the-flow, while subverting the clichés of westerns. It wasn’t performative. There is, emphatically, no boundary between fiction and documentary, but truth matters more than ever.” (Robert Greene), Read our report: The shape of documentary to come, Where to see it: In UK cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema from 24 December 2020. From the outset, this manages to inhabit both a Ken Loach-type drab urban space and an insidious netherworld. And it says a lot about the film's emotional heft that it managed to win an Oscar itself, when it was in competition with both Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption.Read Empire's review of Forrest GumpBuy the film here, 1999Sam Mendes made his movie career with his directorial debut, the story of Lester Burman: a man who turned his midlife crisis into a midlife resolution — even if his self-liberating antics would ultimately prove disastrous. So it’s jarring when, in its final moments, the film descends suddenly and steeply into the abyss, with a shockingly violent and nihilistic coda. VAT no 918 5617 01, Bauer Consumer Media Ltd are authorised and regulated by the FCA(Ref No. As the movie year winds down, I would like to express my gratitude to Martin Scorsese. 2016The third "solo" Cap outing managed to be both intensely crowd-pleasing (with that whole airport battle, and the introduction of Tom Holland's Spider-Man) and also daringly intelligent, placing its superheroes in a believable geopolitical context that raised a valid moral issue: who should be responsible for the deployment of such great power?Read Empire's review of Captain America: Civil WarBuy the film here, 2003Chan-wook Park's revenge drama does extremity with a capital Eeek. Where to see it: On BFI Player, Curzon Home Cinema and other digital platforms. The initial impression that the film takes place, like the novel, towards the start of the last century is contradicted through subtle anachronisms. Hittman’s previous films, It Felt like Love (2013) and Beach Rats (2017), were both coming-of-age stories. Marcello elaborates the story’s symbolic thrust through an ambiguous treatment of period. (Laughs)”, Read our review: I’m Thinking of Ending Things: Charlie Kaufman’s new nightmare surpasses all expectations, + “I don’t know how anyone could feel secure in the world as it is right now”: an interview with Charlie Kaufman. We said: Whannell’s film gives a feminist spin to H.G. It was an honour to be there. And there’s more than a hint of the metatextual. Audition (1999) Film. Steve McQueen: For me, it was about ritual. And Mendonça Filho keeps the real enemy tantalisingly out of focus. He knows. All rights reserved. Read here. Recommended: London and UK cinema listings, film reviews and exclusive interviews. It was Black people seeing other Black people, feeling what they were feeling, and a Black director, a Black cinematographer, and the fact they could see each other and vibe off each other – and be each other, as you rightly said – that’s what happened. Works.Read Empire's review of MementoBuy the film here, 1983In this post-Phantom Menace world, the Ewoks don't seem quite so egregious, do they? (Kieron Corless). His films’ drawings can look naive and artless, but they’re wondrously composed with swirls and circles and glorious colours, flattened spaces and playful perspectives. : a children's adventure which carefully beds its supernatural elements in an utterly relatable everykid world, and tempers its cuter, more sentimental moments with a true sense of jeopardy.Read Empire's review of E.T.Buy the film here, 2009From its Sergio Leone-riffing opening to its insanely OTT, history-rewriting finale, Tarantino's World War II caper never once fails to surprise and entertain. Con-trick movies, from House of Games (1987) and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) to Matchstick Men (2003), usually end with a last-minute switcheroo, and Kajillionaire is no exception. The very existence of this film – the product of the suburb, of racial and social solidarity – is something to be celebrated: a flower sprung from concrete. Sofia Coppola's second film is the ultimate jet lag movie, locating its … The process is just as important as what it ends up being. But the reason it chills so deeply is the way it sustains and builds its disquieting atmosphere so craftily and consistently throughout.Read Empire's review of The ExorcistBuy the film now, 1987A pumped-up men-on-a-mission movie with an ingenious science-fiction tweak. 1. Saint Maud is a compelling and impactful film, a remarkable debut, and one of the most human and empathetic horrors of recent times. Great lines, superb sword fights and rodents of unusual size. But Sidney Lumet's film finds all its drama outside the courtroom itself and inside a jury deliberation room packed with fantastic character actors, who are forced to re-examine a seemingly straightforward case by lone-voice juror Henry Fonda. We all still want one.Read Empire's review of DriveBuy the film here, 2000Ridley Scott's comeback (after a bad run with 1492, White Squall and G.I. Gerwig’s decision to rework the structure of the novel, bouncing back and forth in time from the girls being engaged together in the innocent pursuits of childhood to facing the realities of adult life separately – Jo as a writer in New York, Meg married with children, Amy on a claustrophobic European tour, Beth facing her own devastating fate – proves a masterstroke. There may only be 12 years' difference between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, but it's hard to imagine two better actors to play a bickering father and son, off on a globetrotting, Nazi-bashing, mythical mystery tour. Cinema simply wouldn't be the same without it.Read Empire's review of Seven SamuraiBuy the film here, 1954Photographer LB Jeffries (James Stewart) is on sick leave, with a broken leg.

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